Thursday, September 16, 2010


Here are some steps you can take to evaluate your loved one's care in a nursing home:
1. Turn her over, or ask for a nurse to do so --look at the base of the back and her bottom for sores. If you see any take photos. If they are bandaged, come back and photograph during dressing change;
2. Look at her heels. (yes, take off the socks). Same drill as step 1.;
3. Keep a record of weight changes, paying close attention to drops which indicate malnutrition and dehydration;
4. Show up late in the the morning, has there been attention since last night?
5. Visit on weekends, and evening if possible.
6. If they may not be turning a bedridden loved on on 2 hour intervals, as required, consider sleeping over (if allowed) and journal the activity;
7. Visit often-- the more family involvement and questions, the better care!
If you see bedsores or other signs of neglect that cause damage, infections like sepsis, or even death, please contact me at once!
~David B. Peel